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Welcome to The Family Stew – the cartoon series is named after me and my family Chato Stewart. As the cartoonist for Mental Health Humor project that I started in 2008 I was always working on developing my limited talent. Talking to many cartoonists, some very famous and some very infamous they suggested that I branch out on my subject matter. Focusing strictly on mental health is great but also tried to develop unique individual characters for your cartoons. Up to that point in 2009 I was just drawing anything and anybody that came to my imagination. That’s when I started the family stew cartoon. A cartoon that would be about me and my family living with mental disease coping with its idiosyncrasies and such. To make the cartoon work I needed to have two types of characters first I needed a whimsical lovable and bipolar main character, yes I would be the antihero – fighting against the antagonist – my wife Joan Winifred. My children would be the brains of the scenario, when in the cartoon they would seem to have the upper hand at all times. I figured this dynamic really doesn’t reflect reality, but who read the cartoon for reality?

Fam montage
The Family Stew cartoon series has been published online along with the mental health humor cartoons at Psych Central, BP hope magazine blog, WeGo Health Facebook and Pinterest, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Positive 6 along with many other websites and blogs.

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