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THE Family Stew on Diet: Controlling Your Munchies

Can you control your food urges?

Now for the longest time while on different mental health medications I would experience what would be called by some of insatiable appetite. It’s a ravenous and some points I would eat anything and I couldn’t stop. One particular medication really triggered this carnivore like instinct I remember one night after dinner I just wasn’t full. So I open the refrigerator drank what was left of a gallon of milk drank all the soda we had the house I was about four to liter bottles and started eating frozen pizza and making sandwiches after sandwiches out of anything I could find until the whole loaf of bread was gone. I felt as if my stomach was about to burst yet I still wanted to eat fortunately there was no more food left in the house by morning I literally ate everything that was edible from frozen dinners to dry goods… If Mayor MCcheesy walked by me he would never had a chance either.

Needless to say that month I put on a lot of extra weight. I did get off the medication assumes that could but the damage was already done by the end of that year 2012 I maxed out my weight and 405 pounds. This was all so that I could feel better mentally.

Advocate for yourself by learning about each medication and its side effects especially side effects that include weight gain and substantial weight gain because we need to as individuals with psychological disorders is very cautious that we are not just sacrifice everything including our waistline for wellness. Because the time anxiety stress and self-esteem goes back into putting it all together later to be just as damaging as what took it all apart first place.

THE Family Stew on Diet: Willpower

Having the willpower not to eat foods that taste delicious sometimes seems to me like a ridiculous torture. In The Family Stew cartoon I drew how I felt I was being bombarded by my own lack of willpower. Over my left hand shoulder you see the evil trying to convince me quite sternly and forcibly but I should given to my taste bud desires. While over my right shoulder my supportive network is hard at work opposing… Wait a minute… He gave up!

Willpower is a farce, a fairytale. If you forcibly deny yourself to not eat a certain type of food that you desire and that you’ve had for many many many years. And you haven’t done the work in changing your eating lifestyle or made a healthy lifestyle change to try to improve your overall diet quite frankly this fairytale is going to have a sad ending.

Moderation, yes you can lose weight by denying your body food. But you’re also denying your body nutrition that it needs and if you’re doing it the wrong way you could be denying your body proper nutrition you could be doing more harm to your liver and kidneys and putting yourself in danger. I’m not saying eat the pizza, I’m saying we need to change the overall look at how we diet as a nutritional lifestyle change instead of using willpower stop eating one type of food. The status what’s been working for me and I’m going slow and steady.